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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 1st Coast Express licensed and insured?

1st Coast Express is a professional licensed and insured moving company. Florida IM#: 3002 USDOT#: 3141780

What areas do you service?

1st Coast Express is based out of Jacksonville Florida. 1st Coast Express services all over the United States. Our local moving services are based in a the city of Jacksonville but we offer long-distance moves all over the United States. 1st Coast Express is one of the leading moving company’s in all of Florida. Our company has completed thousands of moves in the Jacksonville area to maintain our 5-star reputation.

How much will my move cost if I choose 1st Coast Express?

1st Coast Express offers a variety of services, so prices will vary. 1st Coast Express takes pride in offering high quality moves at the lowest possible price. Our company completes a weekly analysis of price comparisons between our competitors to ensure that our company offers the lowest rates available. 1st Coast Express representatives will ensure that every customer receives a great moving experience at the lowest price available. 1st Coast Express also ensures that no customer receives any hidden fees. 1st Coast Express will also match any price presented to any customer from any other licensed and insured company. 1st Coast Express focuses on 100% customer satisfaction with the assurance of having zero hidden fees.

Will 1st Coast Express pack and unpack my belongings?

1st Coast Express does offer unpacking services as well. Customers must inform the professional movers on what boxes and/or items need to be unpacked. Once informed the professional movers will unpack the boxes/items and place them in the customer’s desired location.

Does 1st Coast Express offer moves on the weekends?

1st Coast Express does work on the weekends. 1st Coast Express works on the weekends as well as holidays. Our company offers early morning moves as well as after hour moves if needed. Our professional movers will work to the needs of the customers to ensure that the moving experience for the customer is exactly how they intended. Feel free to contact a 1st Coast Express representative with any moving concerns and they will do their best to accommodate the needs of every customer.

Does 1st Coast Express require a minimum amount of hours?

1st Coast Express does not require a minimum amount of hours. Here at 1st Coast Express we understand that the demands of customers vary, so we focus directly on satisfying the needs of every customer individually. 1st Coast does not limit their customers based on time limits. 1st Coast Express takes pride in servicing every single task that is presented by their customers.

What can I do to help make the move easier for 1st Coast Express? What can I do to make the move more efficient for the movers so I can save money?

1st Coast Express offers full service moving services. For a customer to make a move easier for our movers a customer should provide our movers with a clean and safe working environment. A customer should organize and label their items so our movers can know exactly where items are to be placed. Labeling items and rooms will keep our movers from consistently asking/waiting for customers to explain where items are to be placed. If a customer decides to pack their own belongings please be sure to label them correctly.

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